About Me

Cornwall Landscape Photographer David Wilkins

I began my career as a research chemist working in Drug Discovery in the Pharmaceutical Industry

I live on the North Coast of Cornwall near to Trebarwith Strand pictured above with my family and two cats

About 10 years ago I took a different direction I was really interested in Photography so I started a new career as a Landscape Photographer then I moved into Wedding Photography which turned out to be a good move as I became one of the UK’s top wedding photographers.

I always like to include the stunning Cornwall Landscape into my Wedding Photography and wherever I’m doing my weddings, usually on a beach or coastal setting in Cornwall, I will always take some time out to get some landscape shots for the Bride and Groom and for my Landscape Portfolio

I have a large format printer so I print my own work onto Canvas and Photo Paper and I offer a printing service to other photographers and customers.

If you are ever in The Port William Inn at Trebarwith Strand check out my Gallery where you can purchase the canvas prints in the gallery


Sadly The Port William Inn are going for a corporate image for all their St Austell Pubs so my Landscape Gallery has had to close